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About Me

I’m a creator at Profitable Ideas Club, a blogger at everywhere, a digital marketer at Sendfix Digital Solutions and of course a Web Designer at Sendfix living in Lagos Nigeria and have been creating blog contents, designs, and digital products for over 4 years.


I believe in possibilities and that nothing is too difficult as far as we all put our minds and time to do them. Also, I hate lies, pretense and keeping secrets.


When it comes to building a profitable and successful blog that truly makes money online, you’re automatically tasked with kinda must-do strategies in order to achieve that. But as a creator, I believe a lots have been on your head or table lately and you’ve been thinking how possible to get over these and take the fastest route possibly.


Tasks for your blog, your email list, social media. Tasks you think you should be doing, tasks someone else said you must do. If you look at your to-do list every morning and wonder where the heck to start, I don’t blame you!


After working with Small and Medium Enterprises, pulling over 3 million per month pageviews on one of my 1 month old blog, sold my eBooks across platforms to over 2000 students and up to 500 active students under my watch, successfully running my website, SEO and digital marketing agency for years, I’ve learned a few things about where people get stuck/stalled/stressed out and how to get them growing again.


My job is to help you simplify the strategies, create a manageable plan, and feel confident enough about what you’re creating to finally see things GROW.

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Awogor Matthew
Awogor Matthew
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because you're here

get started with earning a living online like a pro!